Ibex is from Mumbai, India and has grown creating Hip-Hop & Reggae music over the past 7 years. Inspired by reggae artists like Snow, Sean Paul, Damian Jr. Gong Marley and rap artists like Eminem, Nas - Ibex started creating music with a versatile style that drifts from dancehall to reggae to rap.


In 2007, He made a stunning debut making his first free style verse with IshQ Bector aka Aye Hip Hopper. Keen on this art form, Ibex started creating music and performing Live shows actively ever since. His projects include mixtapes, singles, music videos and he is working on an upcoming album. His works derives influence from both Hip Hop and dancehall styles.

With his captivating tunes, Ibex has built a strong online presence and a large fan base. His talent has helped acquire legions of fans at every venue that he has performed. His unique style arguably places him as the best versatile and one of the top dancehall artists in India.


The artist displays his unique styles in his mixtape projects. In 'Ibexclusive' you will get to hear the rap side of Ibex and then comes the drift in his mixtape 'RaggaRuffin' wherein he puts down his reggae and dancehall abilities. Not only focusing on style the artist also takes on conscious, anti-political and social issues with the art form and this is covered in the mixtape 'Hip-Hop Apex'.


He has a lot in store for his audience and his grind can't stop, won't stop. So, watchout for his event updates to catch up with him live in action!


Indian Ibex


Mumbai, India
M: 8108562835

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