Its alright - Indian dancehall
Its alright - Indian dancehall

Indian dancehall/ hip hop music video.

Indian Ibex
Indian Ibex

Hip Hop in India, Indian rap, Indian hip hop

Indian Ibex (Its Alright)
Indian Ibex (Its Alright)

Dancehall/Reggae, Indian rap

Its alright - Indian dancehall
Its alright - Indian dancehall

Indian dancehall/ hip hop music video.


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The long awaited music video "Its Alright" out now!
June 9TH, 2015

The long awaited Indian dancehall music video "Its Alright" is out now! Flowing on a dancehall riddim, I address all the issues of life in an amusing way keeping Mr. Who kares as my idol and with an its alright attitude. I have created a rhyme scheme with mostly Hindi towards the end for poetic impact and English at the beginning of sentences. The video is simple but descriptive as it covers all aspects of my lyrics visually. This song revolves around  Mr. Who kares slogan "S**t happens but you know its alright" which consists of what 99% of us go through. If you deal with everyday's life's struggle like Mr. Who kares then you will be able to relate to this video. Watch the YouTube video below and share it saying how you have dealt with s**t with an Its alright attitude.

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Meet Mr. Who kares and checkout the making of my new music video "Its Alright"
April 19th, 2014
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Mr. Who kares is a very relaxed, calm guy who gives no      about the things that circle his life. He has a normal life and is pretty much like the 99% of us who have a horrible job, horrible boss, horrible time traveling to work, encountered failure in relationships, alcohol/smoking problems, gambling habits, yet takes it all with a smile on his face and an attitude as if everything is alright. Mr. Who kares life's slogan is "     happens but you know its alright" with such an attitude he has been able to overcome all the hardships, trials and struggle in life. I think everyone has a Mr. Who kares in them and to me Mr. Who kares is an idol, his slogan has helped me get through a lot of hardships and this is how I came up with my new track “Its Alright” and I would like to dedicate this song to every Mr. Who kares out there.



Coverart - Mr. Whokares illustration is the brainchild of Jose Hunt


Instrumentals - This is a dancehall masterpiece by +MyRiddim - Iah Cranks


Mastering - Award winning producer Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez has added sparkle to the track


Video - Directed, filmed, edited by Brij founder of Bombay Records


Lyrics, Concept, Mixing - Yours Truly

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Indian hip hop and Indian pop acoustic fusion - Its alright mash up (RaggaRuffin mixtape bonus track)
January 2nd, 2015
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How this track came to being......

Kickin it on a lazy saturday night with my hommies chilling at Marine Drive, one of the most beautifully laid boulevards in southern part of Mumbai I see this dude light up the enviornment with his acoustic guitar and a high pitch voice, singing some of the top bollywood / Indian pop commercial tracks. The artist in me couldn't resist to grab the opportunity of gatecrashing the pop vibe with some hip hop fusion, with a bit of indecisive hesitation I approached him and asked whether he was up for a mash up to see what we could whip up at the spur of the moment. He was humble enough and welcomed me to join in and lay some bars to his acoustic rythm. First off, as I approached him, as a rapper I felt he would decline my request and also the crowd might not be up for something rap/hip-hop related but to my surpirse we managed to double the crowd and ended up with a round of applause by our onlookers.

As the live collab worked really well, I decided to record the track in the exact same fashion and replicate the live vibe in the mix giving it a raw feel. Without any delay we got down, recorded the session the same way we had the live fusion and Voila! here is a bonus track out of the blue for you. The verse's that I used gives a sneak peak or rather unveils the verse's from the original track "Its Alright" which is coming soon and will be released with a video. This track will be compiled as a bonus track from the "RaggaRuffin mixtape". and here is the "Its Alright mash up" (Click the play button below):

Also, here's an exclusive snippet of the sugar and spice live collision:

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